Осветительные приборы - Lighting


AGL-575A Moving Head Light 575W

power: AC220V  50Hz-60Hz
Horizontal scanning 540, electronic replacement
Vertical scanning 270, electronic replacement
7 kind of colors + white lights, rainbow effect
6 kind of colors +1 glass designs + white light, 
the autorotationrate may move, rainbow effect
The frequency dodges each second 0-10, the 
speed may move
 DMX512 signal control, 10 channels
High velocity forced-air cooling, electrically 
operated focusing
The outer covering uses the streamline profile 
resistance to burnthe ABS engineering plastics
Size: 51×41×57CM
Weight: 21KG

8 main colors adding 8 mixed colors, achieving high speed single way rainbow and scrolling effect
Mechanical linear DIMMER and 1-10 times/s high speed STROB E effect
Horizontal 540° and vertical 250° scanning range,smooth scanning action and accurate orientation
Precise adjustment on horizontal and vertical position
Stopper function  on the effect wheel rotating and position moving
Electronic  linear infinite adustment Up,down color temperature,orange,atomizing effect
3 primiary color effect(C.M.Y.K)
3 primary speed adustment
4convection cooling-fan,optimize internal air duct way,heat elimination rapidely
Built-in over heat protection and high voltage protection
Compatible with DMX 512 international digital singal