Осветительные приборы - Lighting

AGL-240 DMX512

AC-240 240 DMX512 Controller

Total number of passage:240 roads
Can control a computer light amount:24 sets
Can control the biggest passage number in computer light:16
Procedure(field) number:12
The procedure is the biggest to tread a number:(field view)40
The procedure always treads a number:(field view)480
The field view changes speed gradually:0.1-25.5
Adjust light passage:48 passages(order to control, divide to control, gather to control)
The manifestation holds:The LDC LCD manifestation holds,16 × 2 character lists
DMX512 exportations connect:3 and bore and bore
Saving capacity:The 128 Ks big capacity memory card
Input electric voltage:AC100-240V 50/60Hz-5V2000MA
Physical volume:483 × 218 × 80mm